Trust the stirring in your heart to voyage the fierce, uncharted territory belonging solely to you.

From Brave the Unknown, "A Lion's Heart," page 11.



In her TEDx talk, Ushi Patel shares her experience of taking a year off to "Brave the Unknown." She talks about her shift from rat race junkie, to award-winning poet, to simply happy.

Every letter in your story is an unopened gift, dreaming of your artistry, crying for a freedom only you can grant.

From Brave The Unknown, "Make Your Mark," page 57.


In her debut collection of poems, Brave the Unknown, Ushi Patel inspires courage in the face of loss. The 50 provocative poems in Brave the Unknown reveal how the cracks of a seemingly shattered heart are the doorway to an ancient and unbreakable love. Full of hope, Brave the Unknown reminds us of the beauty in the darkness and the value of the storm.


Crawl into the cracks of your hope and indulge me in a dig.

From Brave the Unknown, "Below the Ruins" page 37

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